Bernice Toy

Bernice took her first dance class when she was only four years old!  Her dance training included ballet, jazz, tap, and Chinese Folk.  Her talent as a dancer and choreographer was apparent when she was still a student in high school where her choreographies were showcased and she took on leadership roles in dance activities and competitions.


While on a break from dance to develop her professional career, Bernice still continued her passion for dance.  She returned to the dance world as a student and soon became an instructor and assistant director for dance showcases.  In July of 2007, she opened her own studio and became Founder and Director of  Wicked Dance Fitness and creator of Wicked Dolls, a fun and sassy jazz class.

Bernice was beloved by her students and the instructors who worked for her; however, to keep up with the increasing demands of her busy day schedule, she released her classes to Montage Dance Productions.  We are very pleased that she continues with Montage as an instructor and mentor.


Bernice believes it is very important to take dance classes in order expand her dance vocabulary and maintain a fresh approach towards creating new choreographies that are fun and relevant.  So by day, Bernice is Founder and CEO of BeUbiq, Inc.  In the evenings when she’s not teaching, you can find her at the Studio as an eternal student expressing her passion for learning, performing, and sharing her love of dance.