Emily Miller

Emily began her dance training at the age of three at Decatur School of Ballet where she went on to study ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. She joined the performance company Decatur City Dance and the tap performance company The Rhythm Keepers. During her time with Decatur City Dance she continued to train as well as choreograph and perform dances of her own and those of other renowned choreographers. Emily began teaching dance at the age of 12 as an Assistant Teacher and soon took over teaching her own classes.


While earning her B.S. in Mathematics from Georgia Tech, she served as Director, Instructor, Choreographer, and Performer with Georgia Tech Dance Company.

While studying at Georgia Tech she worked as a ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance teacher at various dance studios through the city. In her 11 years of teaching dance, she has taught a variety of ages and skill levels. Her goal as a dance teacher is to spread the immense joy that dance brings to us all.

Emily continues her dance training and teaches ballet, jazz, and tap at Montage.