We are expecting rain on and off for the next week. We are able to hold one class at a time outside under the overhang when it's raining. If there are two classes running at the same time, we will take turns holding classes in person. 

There are 2 schedules: "AB", and "AC". Classes found under column A always happens outside, while B and C alternate. 

Click here to see if your class is "A", "B", or "C"!
*Only classes with students currently attending classes outdoors are listed*

Expected Rainy Days and their schedule for the next week:
Schedule AB:  1/26 Tue, 1/27 Wed, 1/28 Thur & 2/1 Mon
Schedule AC:  2/2  Tue
*It's not forecasted to rain on Sat 1/30 

What happens when it's not your turn to have in-person classes on a rainy day?
Youth Classes: 
Will continue class online.

Adults Classes:
We may continue class online or we may cancel class on a case-by-case basis.

How will you find out if class is cancelled or moved to online in the future?
Youth Classes:
Notification will be sent by email and text, no later than 1 hour before scheduled class time. If for some reason there is a last minute change we will call.

Adult Classes:
Notification will be made online, no later than 1 hour before scheduled class time. Check out our Instagram or our adult class page.

For All Outdoor Classes
- We suggest wearing layered clothing so that when you get warm you can take a layer off.
- If it’s cold, wearing a mask helps.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during such a weird time. We can't wait for it to be safe to dance in the studio again! 

If you have any questions, email us at