Ever since then, John has immersed himself in the street dance scene and has learned from many amazing teachers coming from all parts of the world, including Japan and Europe. He has trained and performed on stage with several dance companies, including the All The Way Live family, Fresh Dynamix, and Academy of Villains, and has also won the All The Way Live 2012 Choreography competition with the first team for which he auditioned, the DS Players. He has also entered countless competitions, where he has battled and exchanged with many talented individuals representing all styles of street dance from all over the world.

“I dance MY style!” is something he likes to use when describing his way of dancing. John’s favorite style of dance is Locking, but does not like to restrict himself or label himself to any specific type of dance. He believes that after learning and mastering the foundation of a specific style, it’s when you can apply your OWN feeling and flavor to the dance that you can begin to truly express yourself and how you interpret the music with your movement!

John continues to train in all facets of dance, and is always eager to learn anything new and expand on his knowledge of this amazing art form, along with sharing the knowledge and teaching what he has learned to any aspiring individual!










John Sydiongco

John "J-Syd" Sydiongco has been surrounded by dance his whole life, thanks to his parents' love for anything related to ballroom dancing and seeing his friends/relatives b-boy their way through high school. It wasn’t until 2007, when he first saw a video of the Locking duo Hilty & Bosch, that he began to take a look into this artform more seriously.

In 2008, he decided to take a hip-hop class at Mission College, where he was introduced to a world of dance that he never knew existed. Paving the path for him was the teacher of the class, Ceech Hsu, who was a longtime member of the street dance group Mindtricks (who later came to be known as the Jabbawockeez) and director of the Funk Styles dance group, the DS Players. There, John was taught foundational and basic steps of several different styles within the street dance umbrella, most notably, Locking and Popping. In 2009, he auditioned and would eventually join the DS Players in order to train more rigorously in these styles.