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2020 Online Showcase

Livestream Date: Saturday, July 18th

Time: Show #1 2PM / Show #2 5PM

*See which show your dancer is in below!

Cost: Free / Donation Based

Venmo - montagedanceproductions

PayPal -

Link: Parents will automatically receive a Zoom link 15 minutes before the scheduled shows.

This event is open to all. If you would like to receive a link, please email us at to sign up!

Can't attend? Rent or purchase a show here!


Show 1 (Not order of the show)

Monday 3:30PM HH with Janae

Monday 5:30PM Pre-Ballet with Jennaliz

Tues/Thurs 4:45PM Pre-Ballet with Kelley

Tuesday 5:30PM Jazz with Kelley

Tuesday 5:30PM HH (10-13) with Rebekah

Wednesday 5:30PM Pre-HH with Rebekah

Saturday 11:45AM Pre-Ballet with Lauren

Saturday 12:30PM Ballet I with Sarah

Agnes Solo

All teams

Show 2 (Not order of the show)

Tuesday 6:30PM Ballet II with Kelley

Tuesday 6:30PM HH (6-10) with Rebekah

Thursday 3:30PM Tap II with Lauren

Thursday 5:30PM Ballet/Lyrical with Kelley

Thursday 6:30PM Hip Hop (10+) with Jen

Saturday 10:30AM HH (6-10) with Rebekah

Saturday 11:30AM Jazz with Sarah

Saturday 11:00AM Pre-HH with Lauren

Eunice Solo

Charlotte Solo

All teams

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