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Class Descriptions

Creative Movement (Ages 2-1/2 to 3 Years)

This toddler class is an introduction to the joy of dance through guided free-form movements.  Music includes sing and dance-along songs that are engaging and energetic.  Our focus will be to nurture positive experiences that build self-esteem and, at the same time, develop your toddler’s motor, attention, and listening skills. 



Ballet is a highly technical form of dance that is the foundation of many other dance genres.  Dancers of all styles study ballet to improve their grace, strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Classes range from Baby Ballet to advanced levels.


Hip Hop

While Hip Hop continues to be developed in the streets, it has moved into mainstream dance studios and entertainment media.  Hip Hop includes a wide range of styles such as Breaking, Locking, and Popping, etc.; however, one current studio and media trend is to incorporate street styles with other more formal dance styles into routines that use a variety of music to express emotions and story lines.


Jazz is an energetic style of dance that incorporates unique moves and footwork, leaps, and quick turns.  Musicals such as All That Jazz, Cabaret, and Chicago exemplify Jazz movements.



Tap is an energetic form of dance, somewhat like playing a percussion instrument with your feet.  This class incorporates different forms of dance for full-body expression. 



Contemporary dance is influenced by many dance styles, including Classical, Jazz, Modern, African, Hip Hop, etc.  It is characterized by both beautiful and erratic movements, utilizing strong leg, torso, and floor work.



Lyrical is dance style that is a fusion of Ballet with Contemporary and Jazz techniques.  Dance movements are poetic expressions of music and lyrics that reflect on deeply felt emotions and poignant story lines.    


Sensual Styles

Get in touch with your inner diva!  Body awareness, sassiness, gaining confidence, and having fun are the goals of this class.


Kpop is short for Korean pop music. The style is a blend of hip hop, jazz funk, and house.

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