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Hip Hop Company


Montage Hip Hop Company, under the direction of Lauren Hoskins, was established in July of 2014 with the opening of Montage Dance Studio.  The group started with friends hanging out after class and naturally transitioned into a more formal team. Training is an important part of their weekly schedule, which focuses on strength building, cardio, choreography retention, and introduction to other urban and classical styles of dance by guest choreographers.  The Hip Hop  Company performs at Montage Dance Studio showcases, the Montage Dance Productions Urban Competition, fundraisers, and  public events.


Interested in joining?


Check out our dance video!


Just as our Montage 2014 Urban Competition was starting, a fire alarm went off. While we waited calmly outside the building, we all wondered if the event would be allowed to proceed. At the end, we had the most successful Montage competition yet! This is a light-hearted depiction of that experience.


Choreographer/Director of Photography:
Lauren Hoskins

Camera Men:
Ab Bisht
Matthew Bigham

Amy Hwang
Ashley Wong
Jame Peng

Lauren Hoskins
Matthew Bigham
Sophie Lu
Vivian Wong

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