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JB Papas


Jb Papas is a Filipino-American who graduated from San Sebastián College of Recolletos with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Tourism. He began dancing at the age of thirteen, and went on to become a dance scholar at the nationally acclaimed G-Force Dance Center in the Phillippines. By the time he was sixteen, Jb started performing on TV shows, as well as concerts, commercials, and even music videos. These experiences allowed him to choreograph with different famous artists in the Phillippines. 


Jb then migrated to the the California Bay Area, where he had the pleasure of dancing with the competitive team VIP San Jose. Currently, Papas is a member of Krump408 and is beginning his first season of teaching at Montage Dance Studio. On top of this, he keeps his connections in the Philippines where he still choreographs and performs in various capacities.


Some words that Jb likes to live by are: Dance is like a diary: you can express every emotion or feeling that you feel. When you are feeling down, get up and feel the vibes. Flavor the world with fun and dance! 


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