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Costume Purchase

Last Day to order: March 29th

Showcase Date: June 8th

For Show Details, Click HERE

Your purchase confirms your participation in the show!


  • You will not need to choose the costume size. Montage Staff will measure the dancers, then order the correct size.

  • Costumes will be shipped to the studio and handed out in May.

  • Costumes are non-refundable.

  • Costumes may be subject to change if they are not in stock. The alternate costume will be within the same price range.

  • JUNE TUITION: June is a short month (~1 week of classes) and the monthly fee is the same. The tuition goes towards the classes as well as costs associated with the Showcase. Students that will not be performing in the showcase may consider ending enrollment starting June. An email reminder to those not participating will be sent out closer to the date. 

To pay with Credit card

1. Click "Checkout with PayPal".
2. Scroll down and click "Pay with credit or debit card".
3. Continue to checkout.

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